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Vintage Beauty Image Detail

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Our images are taken from vintage postcards and photographs taken from the "La Belle Epoch" era. We only use images that are in the public domain and copyright-free. When the images were originally produced, they were illegal and since no one claimed any copyrights, we are all free to use them.

*****Copyright-free means all rights to the images have expired. The vintage images can legally be copied or used as references for paintings, drawings, collage projects, altered books, website designs, publications, and even printed for resell.*****

****E-vint.com holds "compilation copyright" protected under U.S. and International Copyright Laws for the edit, design, and arrangement of the images on all of our vintage CD products.*****

What does "compilation" and the use of "public domain" images mean?

Basically it means you can use the individual images as you see fit, even reprinting them for sell but you CANNOT copy our whole image CD or copy the exact same download and expect to resell it. We designed and organized the images in a format that is unique to us. This is considered a "compilation" and we hold the copyright to that design and organization.


E-vint.com guarantees to provide the best quality products to our customers. We never falsely advertise our products, sell an inferior product, or overcharge any item, just to make a profit. We base our prices according to the prices we pay and/or the work we have in the project. Our customers are important. We treat everyone as we would hope to be treated, with quick prompt serivce and response. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or return within 30 days for a full refund on shipped items. If our downloads are not satisfactory or as represented, an email is requested with a transaction number. We ship all items, and promptly answer all email questions.

Our individual items sell at a relatively fast rate. We have a first come, first serve policy. We mark SOLD items as soon as we receive an email. If for some reason, an item is sold to another customer before it is marked as SOLD, we refund your payment within 24 hours.

Shipping Information

Domestic Postage:
We ship first-class postal unless priority mailing is requested. Postage is calculated by a flat shipping charge unless otherwise indicated. There is a customer request on the order form that allows for the customer to pick the method of shipping and delivery. Multiple items are sent by priority mail, orders for more than $100 are insured at no additional charge.

International Shipping:
For international orders of multiple items, shipping is calculated based on the weight and country destination. To provide insurance requires the order be sent by Air Parcel Post at an additional charge. We highly suggest adding insurance, although in 10 years we have never had an order not delivered. There is a customer request on the order form that allows for the customer to pick the method of shipping and delivery.


How do copyright laws apply to public domain images?
Copyright laws DO NOT apply to images in the public domain. Images that were originally produced illegally were never copyrighted so there is no law governing them. DO NOT be fooled by websites or individuals claiming a limited use of their images UNLESS they ALTERED OR MADE THE IMAGE THEMSELVES OR they are the relatives of the original producer of the image AND HOLD A COPYRIGHT.

The copyright office explains it this way:
If I take a picture of the Statue of Liberty and you take a picture of the Statue of Liberty, then you BOTH own a picture of the Statue of Liberty BUT NEITHER of you owns the Statue of Liberty.

If you would like more information on the copyright laws, please see

Do you sell individual images for special projects?
Yes, in fact, we sell to producers of television specials, networks, book media, students' thesis, and designers of costumes for movies etc. If you have a special need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We may just have what you are looking for. If not, we are willing to research the project. We have contacts in several countries who can find information to use in conjunction with our images.

Are your downloads considered copyrighted images since you retouch, resize, colorize, and color correct them?
Yes, we alter the images by restoring them BUT we release our copyright back into the public domain. The ONLY restriction is that we do not allow the redistribution of our images, in THE SAME digital design resource format. Basically, this means REDISTRIBUTION IN THE FORM OF DOWNLOADS OR ON CDS is not an acceptable use of our images. Do not claim to hold a copyright to any of our images unless you can prove it. This also applies to the text on our pages. DO NOTuse our articles as your own without written consent. Please refer to our Terms of Use below for full details.

Can I print your images?
Yes. The images can be printed, as long as it is legal use.

Why do the download prices vary for the same number of images?
Many of the images are rare and collectible. If we only have 50 good images in a category, then chances are the price will be higher. Those categories would be fantasy and some of the fashion, such as corsets and casino.

Can I use your images to design or post them on my website or blog?
Yes, you can use them as you like as long as you don't use our bandwidth. Bandwidth would be linking an image on my website to your website or blog. In our case, we have script on our server which will not allow our images to show up on your site so this is not even a real problem for us but people do ask this question. If you use them in the same manner as we do, such as an Egyptian costume site using our Egyptian costumes for their website, it would be nice if you would give us credit but it is not a requirement.

Is your text copyrighted?
Yes. We allow use of our text with permission only.

I am an artist, can I use the images for a painting?
Yes. You can even copy them if you like. There are no copyright laws against this practice, in fact, it is a good way to learn classical painting. The only drawback is it does not teach you to use your own creativity.

What is the resolution of your images?
Images are 300dpi or 600ppi and 1000 pixels being the longest measurement. Line art, woodcuts and engravings are typically 600 ppi.

How many images do you currently have?
Over 50,000 real-photographic images and literally thousands of other vintage ephemera such as vintage bookplates, labels, scenes of Paris, vintage books, magazines and public domain art.

I have seen an image identical to one you have. How can that be?
The truth is these images were produced by the millions. From our readings, France alone, produced over 39 million images, making their production the largest industry in their country for over 35 years. Producers hired people to hand-tint images by the thousands....in the exact same tint. Other countries were just as involved as France. Since this was such a large industry and employed so many of its citizens, you can see why European countries turned their backs to the fact that the images were illegal. Seeing the exact same image, many times over, is extremely common. The rarity are the images that were not as popular or have been collected to the point of extinction. Of course, extinction is not even close to becoming a fact. We just think it is because we don't see those images as often and when we do, they sell for big bucks. Rarity is only the monetary value one is willing to spend.

Do I need special software to view your downloads especially on a Mac?
No. XP Window systems and Macs have a click and view built into their systems. If your system is older, you will probably need a Winzip to unlock the images. There is a free 45 day version, posted on every page of our download pages.

Do you give technical advice for beginners who do not know how to download and view the images?
Of course. We can walk you through almost every situation. We have all been there. Our resident geek has been through many systems over the years....all the way back to the first Radio Shack TRS-80! For those of you who do not know, that was in the late 1970's....a long time ago!

We are sure there are many questions we skipped, so if you have one, please do not hesitate to email. We will do our best to insure your information is correct and your experience with us is a pleasant one!

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